That Was Rough.

#451872442 / Forget the stats, the suspended/injured stars, the home record, and everything else. It was just tough watching a home country get beaten senseless for 88 minutes in the semifinal game of the World Cup. Of course, that’s only if you weren’t rooting for Germany today.


These two put on a show tonight.

No One Cheered For David Beckham

I had the chance to see the SJ Quakes v. LA Galaxy game last night thanks to my good friend Sevag, who’s a season ticket holder with primo seats.  Anyways, it was the last home game of the season and a spot in the playoffs was on the line. It was also the perfect opportunity to put my new 50mm prime to the test. …

@CalFootball Is Back #BearRaid

New Year. New Coach. New Jersey’s.  New Schemes. I haven’t been this excited for the start of  the college football season in a while. I also love that Cal decided to continue with the “Back In Berkeley” web mini-series. Think Hard Knocks.  The series is also a great way to get the fans excited about the upcoming season.  The road to the Rose Bowl starts…

Photo A Day: Babe Ruth Speaks At Yankee Stadium on Babe Ruth Day

Babe Ruth. The Great Bambino. The Sultan of Swat. The King of Crash. The Colossus of Clout.  One of the greatest players to ever step foot on a baseball diamond. Life Magazine has released some never before published photos of Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium on Babe Ruth Day on April 27, 1947 and on his last public appearance before passing away in 1948. The…

Direct TV: Football On Your Phone (Manning Brother Music Video)

Peyton, Eli and an Archie cameo make for what may be the most ridiculous video ever made.   Well played Direct TV

Stone Cold Steve Austin Doesn’t Like Dwight Howard Either

I’ve made my thoughts on the Dwight Howard saga pretty well known on Twitter. But, watching this gif of Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting Dwight with the Stone Cold Stunner, while Kobe giggles in the background, is better than any 140 character snippet could ever be.

Dwight Howard’s Free Agency Is Dumb But It Has Given Us Some Great Business Tips!

Setting aside my thoughts and opinions on whether or not the Lakers are and should or   shouldn’t beg Dwight Howard to resign with the Lakers (scroll to the bottom for those thoughts), this whole circus is giving us some great business advice. When pitching a potential client you should really:   Research, research, research: The Lakers (and Rockets and Mavericks) know Dwight loves the…

The Last Time I Gave The Lakers Offseason Advice, We Won The Championship

It was a horrible season and it’s finally over. The team under achieved and was “murdered” by injuries. It is what it is. It’s time to look towards next year. Here’s a few thoughts on what the team needs to do during the offseason. Keep Pau Gasol: Pau has now gone through two years of uncertainty over where he was going to be playing…

Have You Seen The Steelers Uni’s Today?

At least they don’t look as horrible as the ones the Denver Broncos wore last year…