Diamond Head

Diamond Head, Hawaii

Diamond Head – Honolulu, Hawaii

[Photos]: Mother’s Day 2012 Santa Monica

So my mom has lived in California for some 40 odd years and had never been to the Santa Monica Pier.

Today, she finally got to see what all the fuss is about.

The day started off cold and gray, but by the middle of the afternoon clear skies and sunshine made it about as picture perfect as you could get.

Enjoy some of the photos from today.

New York City On My Mind


One of my favorite photographs from the New York City trip last year.

That Damn Terry Richardson…

Last week it was Kate Upton and the Dougie.

Now, Terry Richardson gets Rihanna in his studio.

How does this guy keep doing this?

Check out Terry’s Diary for the rest of the photos.

[Source: Terry’s Diary]

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