Toronto + 5 Reasons to Visit


I spent last week in Toronto for a work thing and while I didn’t get a lot of time to walk around the city and explore, I did enough to know that Toronto is a cool place and a city I definitely want to visit again. It’s also a cool place to take photos. These are some of my favorites from the week (click the photos to enlarge).

Coming from LA, it’s always a nice shock to visit a city where you can actually walk around and not have to rely on a car to get where you’re going.

So here are my 5 reasons to visit Toronto:

  1. Diversity: Granted, my travels have been few, but I’ve never been to a more diverse city than Toronto. Seriously, it’s awesome.
  2. Poutine: If you know, you know. If you don’t, look it up. But, basically, french fries, gravy and cheese curds are as delicious as they sound.
  3. Patriotism: This may not be exclusive to Toronto, but the city loves the Canadian flag. I mean, seriously loves it. Take a look at that last photo, there’s like 10 Canadian flags in the frame and it’s like that all over town. The only place you’ll find that kind of love of country/flag in the USA is in areas that rhyme with “nouth.”
  4. Tim Horton’s: It’s better than Starbuck’s because we don’t have them here in the states.
  5. Architecture: Toronto is in the middle of a crazy construction wave, which means that there’s a lot of new architecture going up and sharing space with a lot of old, traditional buildings.

Thanks for having me Toronto, I’ll be back soon.

Daily Snap: 1.7.14

Daily Snap: 1.6.13

For obvious reasons.

See you next year College Football.

Disneyland Christmas

The holiday season is just about the best time to visit Disneyland. Combine the Christmas decorations with fireworks, good company and the best fried chicken I’ve ever had and sitting in the car for 2 hours is just about worth it.

September Photo Dump

September photos that had no real place anywhere because I’m too lazy to blog consistently.  

Photo A Day: Adrian Gonzalez

I’m looking to challenge myself to not only blog and write more, but also better my photography skills. 

So, I’m challenging myself to post a photo a day starting today. It may be a photo I shot that day, one from my archives, an instagram shot or a random shot from the internet. That takes part of the photography skills part. 

They’ll also, maybe, have some sort of commentary. That takes care of the write better part.

Today’s photo of LA Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez comes from a few weeks ago at the Reds/Dodgers game.

Baseball is definitely an acquired taste. You either love it or you hate it. You either find it beautiful or you think it’s the most boring sport on the planet.

I happen to love it. Yes, there’s a lot of standing around, but for a couple of times every game each player’s instinct and split second reaction can have a huge impact on the outcome of the game.  

Life is kind of the same and our instincts and reactions typically shape the outcome of our lives, if we let them.

That’s something I’m trying to accept and apply to my life.

As the great Marge Simpson once said: “Either sh*t or get off the pot.”  


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