Happy Birthday Google+: Here’s Hoping You Avoid the Terrible Two’s!

With Google+’s 2nd birthday weekend in full swing, it’s a great time to look back and see how far the social network has come in just 2 years. 


You would have offered up your first born in exchange for a Google+ invite.  


You can’t sign up for any Google service without being subtly (note the sarcasm) reminded that you should really sign up for that Google+ account.


You could count the number of Google+ users on one hand. 


Google+ has more than 500 million users and 300+ million are active. 


Google+’s homepage made Facebook’s look like a social network supermodel.


Google+ design has left Facebook dead in the water. 

Google has certainly brought it’s social network a long ways in 2 years and each iteration has made the product better and better. 

I’m guilty of being one of those people that abandoned my Google+ profile for awhile but I’ve been making a conscious effort to hang out and use the network more often. Unlike Facebook, Google+ users are way friendlier and much more helpful. The biggest plus (pun intended), Google+ users don’t come across as annoying as Facebook users. In other words, you get to escape people posting simply for the sake of posting (you know vaguebooking) and those “show off” posts we’re all familiar with.

The future looks good for Google+ and Google is obviously taking it seriously.  

So, happy birthday Google+. Here’s hoping there are many more. 

Instagram Adds Video & Probably Buries Vine At The Same Time

Facebook + Instagram unveiled their answer to Vine this morning, with “video on Instagram”. 

Videos will be 15 seconds long, as opposed to Vine’s 6 second clips, and users will be able to choose a cover image to show up on their timelines. They also introduced 13 new filters for videos and “cinema” video stabilization. There’s no word yet as to whether it will take longer for video’s to load than it does to watch them (*ahem* Vine).

With Instagram’s established user base, this is a serious blow to Vine and it’ll be interesting to see how Twitter + Vine respond.  

Instagram 4.0 is now live on both the iTunes and Google Play app stores. 

So, what side are you on? 


Burger King Puerto Rico Offers A Hands Free Burger Holder

Puerto Ricans know they’re fast food.

And yes, this is real.

The (Im)possible Role of the Social Media Manager

Infographic: The World Series of Tweets #socialmedia

In case there was any doubt, the San Francisco Giants know how to do social media.

As you can see in the infographic below, they absolutely owned Twitter during the World Series.

#SocialMedia – When To Post So People Read Your Stuff

Most surprising to me:

  • Facebook is busiest when people are supposed to be working.
  • Twitter is too.
  • You shouldn’t post to Google+ in the evenings.
  • LinkedIn is the only network that actually follows a sensical pattern.

So, basically if you want to be popular on social media do it while you’re at work.

Now go forth and maximize your posting, kids.

[via #SMM via Media Bistro]

#SocialMedia – Your Website Is Out, Your Facebook Page Is In

Apparently, having a website is no longer as important as having a Facebook brand page.

As it turns out, 50% of consumers think a Facebook brand page is more useful than a brand’s website. 82% say Facebook pages are a great place to interact with brands. Those are huge numbers.

It all makes sense if you think about it. With more people spending the majority of their time on social media sites, like Facebook, it shouldn’t be unexpected that their first point of contact with a brand, and likely future interactions, is on their Facebook page.

While I still believe that having a great looking website is a must, it’s clear that social media managers are going to have to start paying much more attention to their brand’s Facebook pages. 

[via Mashable]

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